Our Philosophy

      We pride ourselves in our commitment to the children we serve everyday.

We are a team of teachers who believe that children deserve to be taught in a Christian Environment provided by professionals who are deeply concerned with each child’s individual spiritual,emotional, cognitive, social, and physical well being, as well as inspiring and encouraging their overall success and self confidence. 
We also believe that it is important for parents to be an active part in their child’s growth and development. We encourage open communication with all of our parents and we pride ourselves in keeping our parents well informed throughout their child’s daily learning experiences while in our care. 


Social Growth
We provide avenues for our children to experience positive social and emotional development through basic Christian concepts and specially-developed units. Several times throughout the year there are many school-wide events and experiences allowing both parents and students the opportunity to socialize together as a school and to just have some fun! Some examples include: Annual PBCP Circus, Story Book Character Day, Our Helping Hands Parade, Our Thanksgiving Family Feast, Our Annual Christmas Pageant, our Sunday Best ~Valentines Dance, The Road to Easter ~ which takes the Children through the last days of Jesus’ days here on Earth, our Mother’s Day Tea and our VPK Graduation Celebration.


Physical Growth

We recognize a need to provide a suitable physical environment for children. We have designed our curriculum to meet our student’s innate physical activeness as well as implement our VPK Standards for Physical Growth and Development. We are a participant in the C.A.T.C.H Early Childhood Program. For more information you can go to www.CATCHInfo.org. All of our students attend Physical education~ Creative Movement classes on a weekly basis. PBCP also has a wonderful playground which we continue to improve so that the children can thrive and be active during their daily recess/outdoor time.


Cognitive Growth

We provide a rich learning environment that is developmentally-appropriate for the children and age ranges that we serve. Our faith-based curriculum incorporates the use of updated computer technology, beginning Spanish terms, Sign Language, and problem solving skills. Our learning environment is extremely "hands-on" and activity oriented. Your child will be offered the opportunity for learning in specially designed areas such as music, art, science and discovery, dramatic play, literacy and math skills. All of our VPK Lesson Plans meet the required 4 year old Standards and they are monitored by the Early Learning Coalition of Brevard.


Spiritual Growth

We believe that Christian principles are essential in providing children with a well- balanced base for their future spiritual growth. Children attend Chapel on a weekly basis and are taught to love Jesus, and that the Bible along with its stories, are the TRUE Word of God. We develop Godly character skills through the use of scripture stories and worship songs and as well as teaching each child that they are a unique and special gift from GOD.


Every day we open our doors to the young children of our community where we are blessed to be Living and Loving God
~ One Child at a time...